Friday, December 21, 2012

Proline USA RC offroad truck crawler accessory

Brand = Proline USA

1-10 scale rc offroad crawler/truck accessories. 
Made from plastics and hand painted. Very detailed items.

HighLift Jack x1 (14cm, non-functional)
Shovel x1
Axe x1
Trowel x1


Price = RM79 per set

RC offroad truck crawler 1.9 beadlock wheel set

CODE = 8-Spoke Beadlock

1.9 rc offroad crawler truck alloy beadlock wheel set. 

Milled from hard aluminum. Internal Beadlock mechanism - no need to use glue 

to glue your tires. Change tires very fast and easily. Heavy - good for scale trailing and crawling.

Size 1.9 - fits most (if not all) 1/10 size tires (SCX10, Tamiya HighLift, CC01, etc)

12mm Wheel Hex - fit all 1/10 size crawler.


ALloy Beadlock Wheels x4 pc
(With all required screws)


Tires shown in the second picture are not included.

Available Stock = 2 Sets

Price = RM220 
Sets (of 4 wheels)

RC Crawler 1.9 tire set for 1-10 crawlers 4pc

This high quality crawler rubber tire set (4 pcs) is designed for 1/10 electric powered or gas powered rc crawlers like axial, scx10, rc4wd, cc01, etc.

Material: rubber (Soft compound)
Width: 37mm (1 1/2") 
External diameter: 96mm (3 3/4") 
Interial diameter: 1.9" 
Color: black 
Weight: 220g (4pcs)

Fit most 1/10 scale plastic rims or beadlock rims.

Available Stock = 2 sets

Price = RM99 per set of 4 tires

RC Truck Crawler Winch System 3Racing

3RACING Automatic Crawler Winch with Control System

Latest version for 2.4GHz transmitters

Complete 1/10th or 1/8th scale model winch for any crawlers with automatic pull and collect functions. Also suit on TRAXXAS SUMMIT.

Each winch set comes with one winch mount with 4 M2 size holes + bolts and nuts. Could be easily attached to any crawler body. 

Maximum tow weight is 1 kg. 

Whats included: Winch x1, controller x1, bolts and nuts(M2) x4 sets, user manual x1


Price = RM99 per set

Metal Center Drive Shaft x2

Pics : Coming soon

Fits Axial AX10, SCX10 and other trucks with 5mm diamter outdrive.
What's included: 2 pcs of metal center drive shaft

Available Stock = 5 sets

Price = RM108 per set

Scale Hi-Lift Jack, Shovel and Accessories

Description: Perfect for 1/10 or 1/8 scale trucks/crawler.
What you see is what you get. Plastic material, hand painted.
Jack, winch, Petrol tank = non-functional


Price = RM99 per set